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DAAD - Architecture, Art and Design Drawings - aims to be a platform to share Drawings made by students of EAAD, within the framework of the various curricular units taught here since 1998. The platform aims to be a communication link between the School and Society.

DAAD allows to research Drawings by themes encompassing the natural or urban space, drawing of human figure, of manufactured or natural objects, as well as processed and design drawings that include different graphic and plastic strategies. The processes and methodologies employed reveal the didactic and scientific practices explored in EAAD, such as structural design or diagrammatic design, graphic attitudes, and observation design. Technically, it can be observed graphite, crayons, watercolour, pastels or other instruments traditionally associated with drawing practice.
DAAD aims to contribute to the research, dissemination and promotion of drawing. The collection is in permanent update and drawings can be consulted or provided in high definition.

​General Coordination 
Natacha Moutinho 
Content Coordination​ 
Lucinda Oliveira ​​

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