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The Study Centre of the School of Architecture of the University of Minho is envisioned to host projects of interaction with society, aiming to enhance the professional and scientific skills of professors and researchers through the development of studies, projects and other specialized work.

It was created in 2009 with the invitation by the Municipal Council of Guimarães, carried out within the scope of the European Capital of Culture 2012, for the development of the Urban Rehabilitation Project of Praça do Toural, Alameda de S. Dâmaso and Rua de Santo António in Guimarães, coordinated by Professor Maria Manuel Oliveira.

In response to the invitation of several institutions and the University of Minho itself, CEEA-UM has developed a number of projects, including the Requalification Project of the Santo António Bastion - Interpretation Centre of the Cité Portugaise in El Jadida, Morocco, a citadel classified as World Heritage by UNESCO; the Requalification Project of the Garden House of the Nogueira da Silva Museum, in Braga, to host the assets of Maria Ondina Braga; the Project for the Installation of the Archaeology Unit of the University of Minho in the Convent of São Francisco de Real, an integral part of the monumental complex formed by the Chapel of St. Frutuoso de Montélios and the parish church of São Jerónimo in Braga; The Requalification Project of the Architectural Complex of Largo do Paço, which is one of the most symbolic architectural landmarks in the history of the city of Braga; the Rehabilitation Project of the Civic Centre of Vila das Taipas, central structuring area of the urban system of Guimarães; the Project of the Repository of Memory, for the Casa da Memória de Guimarães; the U-Bike Cicloficinas Project of the University of Minho, for the campuses of Azurém, in Guimarães, and Gualtar, in Braga; and the Administrative Services Installation Project of the University of Minho in building 10 in Campus de Gualtar in Braga.

In the exercise of its scientific and cultural autonomy, the Study Centre of the School of Architecture, assumes a policy of reciprocal valorisation and interdisciplinary collaborations, promoting an exchange of knowledge with the community.

Collaborators                                      Ana Lopes
André Delgado

Daniel Burattini

Filipe Silva
Hélder Silva

Inês Lourenço Graça

João Pedro Fonte

João Pereira Silva

João Rosmaninho

Joel Dinis

Jorge Correia
Márcia Nascimento​

Maria Manuel Oliveira

Marisa Fernandes​

Marta Labastida​

Sofia Parente

Paulo Carvalho 

Study Centre of the School of Architecture

Campus de Azurém

​​4800–058 Guimarães




Vincenzo Riso
 t 253 510 541​


​​Assistant Director

Ana Luísa Rodrigues​


Ricardo Saraiva

 253 510 501