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The Architects by UMinho are qualified to practice professional activity in Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Drawing, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Buildings and Interior Design, in institutions and companies, R&D centres, or to perform as freelance professionals.​


The study plan of the Integrated Master in Architecture, offers 56 entrance vacancies, focusing, over 10 semesters, in three structural components: a Project component, a Theoretical component and a Technological component. Based in a strong Design Studio practice, learning skills are anchored by both theoretical and technological axes thought to foster creativity, critical spirit and team work capacity.

 Ethic, citizenship and ecological conscience are also important values to better qualify future architects for their social and cultural challenges.​


 Students are encouraged to develop innovative and creative solutions to technical and functional problems, developing sensitivity towards aspects of communication and to specific sociocultural issues.​​

To further detailed information on the Integrated Master in Architecture (Admis​​sion, Acade​mic Calendar, scheduling with the Cours​e Director, Ru​les and others) you should con​tact​ the Pedagogical Council Secretary.

The Integrated Master in Architecture runs in building nº 9 of the Campus of Azurém of the University of Minho in Guimarães.


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