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​The Laboratory of Landscapes, Heritage and Territory(Lab2PT) is a Research and Development (R&D) unit of the School of Architecture, Art and Design and the Institute of Social Sciences of UMinho, created to promote collaboration between researchers from different scientific areas such as Archaeology, Architecture and Urbanism, Design, Eng​ineering, Geography, Geology, History and Psychology, integrated in different Departments of Schools / Institutes of UMinho. Lab2PT converges to the common interest of studying the territory, its landscapes and heritage, vital for the general development.

Lab2PT develops fundamental and applied research according to the following thematic axes, inherently transversal to the research groups and aim to contribute:
i) for urban study and renewal;
ii) to create new dynamics on cultural landscapes and heritage;
iii) for differentiation, competitiveness and wealth creation locally and regionally;
iv) to carry out activities for the dissemination of knowledge, thus contributing to the development of the national scientific and technological system.
Maria de Fátima Ferreira
Institute of Social Sciences (ICS)

Assistant Director​
João Cabeleira
School of Architecture, Art and Design (EAAD)

Sandra Barbosa
t 253 510 526 
University of Minho 
School of Architecture, Art and Design
Campus de Azurém
4800–058 Guimarães

Carla Xavi​er
t 253 601 756​​
​University of Minho ​
Institute of Social Sciences
Campus de Gualtar 
4710–057 Braga​​
Landscapes and Societies Group – LandS
Coordinator: Alexandra Esteves
Assistant Coordinator: Cidália Ferreira da Silva​
The LandS group represents a multidisciplinary nucleus of scientific areas with the intention of intersecting ideas, methods and projects to study landscapes, resources, and the societies that acted over the territories. This group is composed by a multidisciplinary group of 21 researchers: 2 geologist, 4 historians, 11 archaeologists and 4 architects.
Design and Technology Group -​ DeTech​
Coordinator: Miguel Duarte
Assistant Coordinator: Vincenzo Riso
The Design and Technology research group (DeTech) has a holistic vision and aims to contribute to the valorisation of the design methodologies, embracing interdisciplinary and cooperation as essential keys to promote the development and innovation in construction and in product design. The DeTech Group consists of an eclectic team of 16 integrated members with multidisciplinary education: 8 architects, 2 engineers, 1 archaeologists, 4​ designers and 1 historian.​     
Space and Representation Group - SpaceR
Coordinator: Pedro Bandeira
Assistant Coordinator: Francisco Mendes
Twenty-four​ integrated researchers compose this research group to form a multidisciplinary nucleus with the goal of intersecting cross-cutting ideas and projects in the area of architecture and urbanism, but also geography, visual arts and history around four research themes: a) construction cultures; b) iconography and interpretive means of communication; c) theoretical perspectives; d) Tourism and development.​