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The School of Architecture, Art and Design of the University of Minho presented in the academic year 2020/2021, a new edition of its PhD Program in Architecture. Applications were held during the month of December, from 7 to 18.

With an interdisciplinary vocation, the 2020/2021 edition of the PhD Program aims to question and rethink architecture beyond its limits, as an exercise committed to contemporary issues, developing the work started in the 2019/2020 edition. Therefore, the PhD Program will open once again in a transversal area to the three specialty areas of the PhD Program: City and Territory, Construction and Technology and Architectural Culture.

It is not enough to do "for", it is necessary to do "with": with people, with land and water, with the prosaic and with the scholar. This implies a huge challenge, both for the academy and for candidates committed to this change. In this way, the PhD embraces the United Nations' sustainable development goals (SDGs) for transforming our world ", says Cidália Silva, PhD Program Director and Assistant Professor at EAUM.

Selected students to attend this PhD course will integrate the Laboratory of Landscapes, Heritage and Territory (Lab2PT), a R&D unit classified as 'Excellent' by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). (

In order to fulfill its goals the 2020/2021 edition of this course will be supported by renowned researchers from different areas, from philosophy to psychiatry, including archeology, geography, engineering, history and sociology of childhood, including necessarily architecture, with a guest from each specialty area of the course.

The faculty of this edition includes a panel of prestigious international researchers. However, at this point, we will only name the invited lecturers from UMinho:

- Bruno Figueiredo (Lab2PT / EAAD - UM), "The Integration of Digital Technologies in Architecture and Construction", Science ID - B21C-AEB4-3CD6.

- Fátima Ferreira and Francisco Mendes (Lab2PT / Department of History - UM), "The Architectural Inscription of Historical Time: 2.0 Hypotheses in 21", ORCID -

0000-0002-6669-9729, 0000-0002-2366-3312

- Francisco Ferreira (Lab2PT / EAAD - UM), "City, Cinema, Architecture", doubt:

- Goran Putnik (ALGORITMI / EE -UM), "Integration of production in architecture and urbanism. Industria 4.0 ", ORCID - 0000-0003-3378-6866

- Helena Carvalho (Lab2PT / Department of History - UM), "Landscape Archeology", Science ID - FF13-182D-674E

- João Sarmento (CECS, Department of Geography - UM), "Violence, territory, and imperial durability", Science ID - 4410-455D-C0F0,

- Marta Labastida (Lab2PT / EAAD - UM), "Nearby Landscape", Science ID - 4416-F004-409F

- Natália Fernandes (CIEC, IE - UM), "Participatory Research with Children", Science ID - F11F-1180-3A6A

- Pedro Morgado (ICVS / EM - UM) "Mental Health, Urbanism and Architecture - from normal to pandemic", Science ID - E217-6873-2F4F.

- Vítor Moura (GIARTES / ILCH - UM), "Architecture as an Experience", Science ID -D41C-A7EC-6695