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The School of Architecture, Art and Design of the University of Minho presents, in the 2nd semester of the academic year 2021/2022, a new edition of its PhD Program in Architecture. Applications are open from December 2 to 10,  and must be formalized through the student  portal


With an interdisciplinary vocation, this edition of the PDA continues the work developed in previous editions. (see list of lectures at: )


In this sense, the PDA opens up in a single area, transversal to its three areas of expertise – City and Territory, Construction and Technology and Architectural Culture – which may become interconnected depending on the specific thematic nature of the investigations that students wish to carry out. It is assumed that architecture has thematic and methodological contours in permanent redefinition. Reflection on the conceptual and operative devices of architecture, as well as its potential disciplinary porosity, can freely lead to new perspectives on the world – on its objects and spaces. The role of research and knowledge production is also to challenge the academy.


The contemporary condition of the "urban" and the "natural", new ruralities, building and inhabiting as components of a biological / technological / social ecosystem, the settlement and circulation of populations on the planet, the political and artistic dimensions of architecture, image, exhibitions and editions, fiction and its various media – these are thematic territories that may exemplify the Program's breadth.


Students selected to attend this PhD course at EAUM will also integrate the Laboratory of Landscapes, Heritage and Territory (Lab2PT), an R&D unit classified as 'Excellent' by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). 


In this edition, the PDA has the support of renowned researchers from different disciplines. At this stage, we would like to highlight the UMinho researchers who will be part of the faculty of the course:

- António Guerreiro (Faculdade de Belas Artes – UL), "Memória"        

- Bruno Figueiredo e João Cabeleira (Lab2PT / EAAD – UM), "O que é a virtualidade?"

- Cidália Silva (Lab2PT / EAAD – UM), "Território e Tempo"

-Eliana Sousa Santos (Centro de Estudos Sociais – UC / ISCTE – IUL), "Arquivos e Viagens"

- Francisco Ferreira (Lab2PT / EAAD – UM), "Cidade, Cinema, Arquitetura"

- João Sarmento (CECS, Departamento de Geografia – UM), ""Desestabilizando o tempo e o espaço em face da ideia de património Africano"

- Marta Labastida (Lab2PT / EAAD – UM), "Território Informal"

- Pedro Bandeira (Lab2PT / EAAD – UM), "Arquitetura e Futuro, no Presente"

- Pedro Morgado (ICVS/EM – UM) "Saúde Mental, Urbanismo e Arquitetura – da normalidade à pandemia"

- Vítor Moura (GIARTES/ILCH - UM), "A arquitetura nas imagens / Imagens de arquitetura" [to be confirmed]