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If research in architecture implies disciplinary and non disciplinary pacts, what will these intentions mean in a cycle of studies such as a doctoral Degree? And how will these commitments be designed or built? In a present characterised by severe crises (from the climatic to the ideological one, from housing to public health, from the scarcity of resources to the excess of images, from the problems of the material to the dilemmas of the immaterial, among others), can architectural research articulate with our local and global contexts, our past and our futures?

Seeking to answer these questions and others, the 2023/2024 edition of the Doctoral Degree in Architecture of the School of Architecture, Art and Design proposes a restless but cultured research path, centred on Architecture and in connection with Visual Arts and Product Design. Starting by navigating a surface of advanced knowledge and critical thinking in the specialty area of Architectural Culture, Plan A will then allow you to dive deeper into themes, objects and cases with greater specificity and, perhaps, different specialty.

The first year of the three that make up the cycle will centre around five curricular units. In the first semester, disciplinary research methods will be deepened alongside inter and transdisciplinary contents. In the second semester, the thesis plan will be developed alongside two options in different specialty areas. The following two academic years will correspond to thesis work under tutorial guidance.

Supported by a group of faculty and researchers with teaching and scientific activity in the three specialty areas (1. City and Territory; 2. Construction and Technology; and 3. Architectural Culture), the cycle of studies will also be determined by the contributions of guests from other fields such as anthropology, communication, curatorship, publishing, engineering, photography, history and health.

UC Coordinators
Ana Luísa Rodrigues, Ivo Oliveira, Vincenzo Riso  [THESIS PROJECT IN ARCHITECTURE]
Bruno Figueiredo, Cidália Silva, João Cabeleira  [OPTIONAL UC IN ADVANCED STUDIES]

Bernardo Providência, Elisiário Miranda, Maria Manuel Oliveira, Marta Labastida Juan, Paulo Cruz, Pedro Bandeira, Susana Gaudêncio

Visiting Lecturers
Ana Rita Alves, António Quaresma, Carlos Lobo, Francisco Ferreira, Inês Moreira, Mélanie Van Der Hoorn, Manuel Guerreiro, Maria Augusta Babo, Pedro Baía, Rui Tavares