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Bernardo Providência
Presidency (School of Architecture)
  Assistant Professor
   253510527 , 253510500
Bernardo Providência was born in Braga 21.10.1966, graduated in Communication Design from the Matosinhos School of Art and Design, Master in Design and Marketing from the Minho University and in Business Innovation and Technology Management from Girona University, Spain. Ph.D. from the University of Girona with the work " Methodology to design customized product based on the user-centered design", he is the author of several articles and scientific communications as well as Books and chapters of books in the fields of design, emotional design and product experience.
Integration of the Council of School of Architecture and Scientific Council of the School of Architecture. He was a researcher at the 2C2T - Textile Science and Technology Center (1994 - 2014), GREP - Research Group on Product, Process and Production Engineering, Girona, Spain (2008-2012) and current researcher at the " Heritage and Territory (Lab2PT) ". In this area, he has participated, as a team member and as area coordinator, in several researchs national and international projects, as well as in the organizing committee of the International Biennial Conference on Fashion and Design - CIMODE since 2012 and the scientific committee of several conferences design.
He is currently Director of Master of Product and Service Design and Actuation of our Design project, Master of Fashion Communication and Master of Product and Services.
Selected publications
Interface tool for human communication to integrate psychophysical inputs with rapid manufacturing technologies International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing 2010 | journal-article DOI
Design Emocional
Design I
Laboratório de Investigação
Projeto Estratégico