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Bruno Figueiredo
Doctor in Architecture / Construction and Technology (University of Minho)
Presidency (School of Architecture)
  Associate Professor
   253510500 , 253510500
Bruno Figueiredo is Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, Art and Design of the
University of Minho (EAAD), being responsible for courses devoted to teaching Computer Design, Computational Modeling and Digital Fabrication. Staff of the ERASMUS+ Master in Building Information Modelling, coordinating the module BIM A+3 Parametric Modelling in BIM —
Currently he is Vice-President for Transfer and Valorization of Knowledge, Communication and Internationalization and member of the scientific council of the EAAD. PhD in Construction and Technology by the University by EAUM (2016) with the thesis Decoding the De re aedificatoria of Alberti: a computational approach to the analysis and generation of classical architecture. Visiting student of Design and Computation Group, MIT (2012). Holds a Master in Architectural Culture Modern and Contemporary by the University of Lisbon (2009), with the dissertation Project, Computing and Manufacturing: for the integration of digital technologies in Architecture. Graduated in Architecture by the University of Porto (2000). Member of the Landscapes, Heritage and Territory Laboratory R&D unit —, in charge of coordinating the Design and Technology research group (DeTech). Founding member and coordinator of the Advanced Ceramics Laboratory (Guimarães) — His research is centred on the use of digital tools in architecture, encompassing the development of generative and analytical computational models, BIM, cyber-physical interactive systems and digital fabrication in architectural design processes, namely the implementation and control of additive manufacturing techniques.
Digital Architecture, Computational Architecture, BIM, Building Automation, Additive Manufacturing
Selected publications
Design Indústria
Laboratório de Investigação: Prova Final (Dissertação ou Trabalho de Projecto)
Integrated Master
Modelação Paramétrica em BIM
Opção C3.1: Formas e Técnicas do Digital
Integrated Master
Projeto VI
Integrated Master
Projeto VI
Integrated Master