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Carla Cruz
PhD Art Pratice (Goldsmiths University of London)
Presidency (School of Architecture)
  Associate Professor
In parallel to her academic and research activities, Carla Cruz develops an artistic-speculative project on temporalities and materialities with Claudia Lopes. Since 2006, she has been developing the artistic project Associação de Amigos da Praça dx Anjx with Ângelo Ferreira de Sousa with the financial support from Criatório - CMP in 2020. Since 2011, Carla Cruz has developed the artistic project Finding Money with António Contador. She co-founded the feminist artistic intervention collective ZOiNA (1999-2004), and the Associação Caldeira 213 (1999-2002). Between 2005-2013, she coordinated the feminist exhibition project All My Independent Women. Carla Cruz's work is represented in private and public collections such as the Norlinda, CMP and PMLJ collections.
Cultural democracy
Feminism, gnder studies and postcolonialism
Participation, community, public sphere, and the right to the city
Selected publications
Arte Contemporânea I
Arte Contemporânea II
Atelier de Artes Visuais III
Atelier de Artes Visuais VI