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Eli Nikolova
International Relations (Univeristy of Minho)
Presidency (School of Architecture)
Degree in International Relations-Ramos Economic and Political Relations at the University of Minho Braga. Of Bulgarian origin, resident in Guimarães for more than 25 years.
For several years, she was part of the Guimarães City Foundation, more specifically at the Administration Support Office where she was responsible for various matters related to the correct functioning of the Board of Directors and the General Council. She gained extensive experience in organizing events, some of which are more formal, including state protocol. Responsible for the Institutional cooperation and to the Office of International Relations, in the elaboration of plans of welcome and programs of visits.
She works at the Institute of Design (IDEGUI) since 2014, being responsible for the administrative and secretarial part of support to the Degree in Product Design of the University of Minho. She coordinates, in partnership with the local industries, the internship program that exists within the Curricular Unit Project Industry, which allows a close collaboration between end-of-course designers, companies in the region, and IDEGUI.
Simultaneously she coordinates the organization of cycles of lectures, Workshops and other events that occur in the IDEGUI. She is responsible for the articulation with the participants, for the preparation of the spaces, reception of the guests, etc.
Selected publications