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The definition of 'architecture' changes over time. In view of the needs of the world and the innovations of art and technology, the contours of architecture are being reinvented: the use we give it, what we think about when we think about it, what we want it to be. We invent methodologies to intervene, we turn to other disciplines, we try to look at it from other points of view. It is bearing in mind this openness that the School of Architecture, Art and Design launches another edition of its Doctorate in Architecture.

The PhD in Architecture aims to train not only architects, but also candidates with different backgrounds for research in Architecture, an area that allows the integration of interdisciplinary research in an environment of continuous debate, research and sharing of knowledge and experience.

The Plan A of the course allows students to broaden their knowledge in the area of Architecture, as well as in the specific domains of the specialties it promotes, in an active and conscious way.