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The PhD in Architecture runs in the building nº 09 of the Campus of Azurém of the University of Minho, in Guimarães.
School of Architecture, Art and Design
Campus de Azurém
​4800–058 Guimarães
GPS: latitude 41° 27' 6.85'' N /  longitude 8° 17' 33.19'' W

EAAD General-Secretary                           

Sandra Pereira

Lucinda Oliveira, Virginia Fernandez, José Carlos Oliveira, Ricardo Saraiva

t 253 510 500

f 253 510 509


Office Hours

Monday to Friday: 9h30 — 17h ​ (lunch break: 13h — 14h)

Closed: Wednesday afternoon



Virginia Fernandez

t 253 510 507


​Office hours 

Monday to Friday: 9h30 — 17h (lunch break: 13h​ —14h )

​Closed: Wednesday afternoon​

Doctoral Degree in Architecture - Plan B