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The applications to Plan B are permanently open.
The applications are submitted through the Academic Services portal at 

Academic year 2023/2024
3rd phase
Application: 25 November  2023 - 22 Feb 2024
Results: 15 March 2024
Registration: 25 - 28 March 2024

4th phase
Application: 23 February - 24 May 2024
Results: 14 June 2024
Registration: 25 -  28 June 2024

Academic year 2024/2025
1st phase
Applications: June 03 to August 30, 2024
Results: September 16, 2024
Enrollment: September 23 to 27, 2024
2nd phase
Applications: September 02 to November 28, 2024
Results: December 16, 2024
Enrollment: December 23 to 30, 2024
3rd phase
Applications: December 02, 2024 to February 28, 2025
Results: March 17, 2025
Enrollment: March 24-28, 2025
4th phase
Applications: March 03 to May 30, 2025
Results: June 16, 2025
Enrollment: June 23-27, 2025

Before applying, the candidate must confirm the acceptance of the proposed superviser. The supervisor must approve the submitted work-plan.
To verify if the documentation is in order we strongly advise candidates to previuosly contact the secretariat at 

Mandatory Documentation

a) Certificate of education degrees (Degree, Master or others);
b) Curriculum Vitae (consisting of general information,  academic and/or professional background, scientific production and other production);
c) Letter of motivation (limited to 1,500 words), which is an important element of selection and ranking of candidates. The letter should include the area of specialization you are applying for and the reasons for submitting the application. Focus on objective scientific and professional issues (not personal), showing the congruence between objectives and future personal projects and objectives of the Doctoral Programme in Architecture. Avoid listing curricular data and describing the activities already mentioned in the CV;
d) Recommendation letter;
e) Detailed work-plan, with the assistance of the above mentioned indicated supervisor (template);
f)  Acceptance letter by the supervisor(s);
g)  Other information considered relevant.

Candidate Evaluation Criteria

The candidate's thesis plan is subsequently evaluated by the EAAD Scientific Council. After the application is approved, the candidate must formally complete the enrolment in the Doctoral Program in Architecture at the Academic Services of the University of Minho>Electronik Desk (

Doctoral Degree in Architecture - Plan B