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The Bachelor in Visual Arts (LAV) presents an innovative proposal by integrating different languages and techniques of Contemporary Art, thus offering a structured and diversified education that allows students to perform autonomously. Benefiting from twenty years of experience in teaching Architecture, Design and Drawing, the Visual Arts bachelor is now available, complementing the education in the areas of creativity and aesthetics.


The six-semester stud​y plan​, which offers 25 entrance vacancies, will run in specially created facilities, intending to fulfil the needs of different artistic activities. Its curriculum includes different practices of Painting, Sculpture and Multimedia, focused on the teaching of Drawing, Art Technologies, Art Theory and multidisciplinary art experiences of contemporary art. Throughout the degree students will contact with different artistic experiences, gradually achieving the ability to autonomously define their artistic choices.

Despite the diversity of experiences and subjects, each semester is guided by a transversal key concept, in order to guarantee the conceptual unity of the education.​​

​To consolidate LAV's scientific and artistic dimension, atelier and laboratory classes offer students the possibility to develop their work openly and autonomously. In addition, it will also be promoted exhibitions and cultural activities, providing the opportunity for cultural exchange with the community.

To further detailed information on the BA in Visual Arts (Admiss​ion, Academ​ic Calendar​, scheduling with the Course Dire​ctor, and others) you should contact the Pedagogical Council Secretary​.

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