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Rute Alexandra Santos Silva Carlos
PhD Architecture, City and Territory (University of Minho)
Presidency (School of Architecture)
  Assistant Professor
   510521 , 253510500
Rute Carlos (Caldas da Rainha, 1972). Architect (FAUP, 1997). Attended ETSAB-UPC under the Erasmus Program in 1996/97. Master in Architectural Interventions in rural areas in transformation (UdG, Girona 1998). PhD in Architecture, City and Territory (EAUM, 2013), with the thesis "Corbusier’s Ville Verte as system: a perspective from the park". She joined the teaching staff of EAUM as a trainee assistant in 1998. She completed her Pedagogical Aptitude and Scientific Capacity test in 2005, with the scientific report titled "Modern open space: two different perspectives in Le Corbusier's Work”. Currently, she teaches, as Assistant Professor, the curricular units of Architectural Design II, Atelier 1A- Landscape and Op.1.1 - Modern Landscape. Member of the scientific council of the EAUM, since 2013. Integrated Researcher of Lab2PT, since 2015. She was LandS Group adjunct coordinator, from 2016-2018.
Since 2000, she has developed several architectural projects and installations / scenography in partnership with the architect Joana Almendra. She worked on public space and architecture projects in collaboration with the architect Virgínio Moutinho (1999/2000), with PORTO 2001, S.A. (1998/99), Studio Fuses-Viader architects (1997/98) and architect Tonet Sunyer (1997). Trainee in CEAU-FAUP (1995/96).
Design theories of modern landscape architecture
Green cities planning
Methods and tools of observation, representation, and transformation of contemporary Landscape
Selected publications
Silva, C. F., Pereira, D. D., Oliveira, I., Labastida, M., Carlos, R., Riso, V. (2017). On being with-us: sobre a nossa experiência no ensino do território / On being with-us: our experience teaching the subject of territory. In Silva, C. F.; Pereira, D. D. (eds.), On being with-it: Diálogo Prospetivo sobre a Experiência de Aprendizagem através do Território/ On being with-it: A Forward-Looking Dialogue on the Experience of Learning through Territory (pp. 34-86). Guimarães: UM/Lab2PT. ISBN: 978-989-54027-0-0. DOI
Carlos, R. (2017). A experiência pedagógica em torno do território na EAUM: Duas oportunidades. In Oliveira, I., Labastida, M. (eds), Experiências Pedagógicas sobre Território nas Escolas de Arquitetura (pp. 65-73). Guimarães: UM/Lab2PT. ISBN: 978-989- 54027-3-1. DOI
Silva, C. F., Pereira, D. D., Oliveira, I., Labastida, M., Carlos, R., Riso, V. (2017). On_being with-it Experiências pedagógicas sobre território na EAUM [criação do website para divulgação do projeto de investigação “On being with-it: Pedagogical Experiences about Territory at EAUM”]. Lab2PT/EAUM. DOI
Bandeira, P., Carlos, R. (2015). Imagem da arquitectura, arquitectura das imagens/Image of architecture, architecture of images. In Bandeira, P., CARLOS, R. (eds), Pixel Brick Pixel (pp. 11-21). Guimarães: Lab2PT/EAUM/Pierrot le Fou. ISBN: 978-989-99484-0-2. DOI
Bandeira, P., Carlos, R. (Eds.). (2015). Pixel Brick Pixel. Guimarães: Lab2PT/EAUM/Pierrot le Fou. ISBN: 978-989-99484-0-2. DOI
Carlos, R. (2013). A Ville Verte de Le Corbusier como sistema: uma perspectiva centrada no parque. (Tese de Doutoramento em Arquitetura/Cidade e Território). Universidade do Minho. Portugal DOI
Laboratório de Investigação: Prova Final (Dissertação ou Trabalho de Projecto)
Integrated Master
Projeto IV
Integrated Master