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Located in Campus de Azurém, EAAD, a design by the architects Fernando Távora and João Bernardo Távora, was inaugurated in 2004. The school is located in the extension of the initial axis of the campus, traced by Bartolomeu Costa Cabral in the 80, confronting with the new buildings of the School of Sciences, designed by Atelier 15, and the School of Engineering.

In this building we can find: the secretary; the Nuno Portas Library; the Construction ​and Technology Laboratory; the Musuem/Galleries; auditor​iums; the Plott​er room and a B​ar​.   

Campus de Azurém 
Campus de Azurém ​
4800–058 Guimarães, Portugal 
GPS: [latitude: 41° 27' 6.85'' N / ​
longitude: 8° 17'33.19''W]​

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