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Course Director​​

​Paula Trigueiros
t 253 510 805


Course Committee

Prof. Doutora Maria Paula Trigueiros (Course Director)
Prof Doutor Miguel Jorge Alves Miranda Bandeira Duarte
Prof Doutor Álvaro Miguel Céu Gramaxo Oliveira Sampaio
Inês Silva Martins (repres. estudantes)
Catarina Lopes da Silva (repres. estudantes)
Lídia Daniela Lemos Ribeiro (repres. estudantes)

Secretariado LDP

Eli Nikolova
t 253 510 803 ​

​​The Course Director must:

a) Represent the course committee;
b) Coordinate day-to-day work and chair meetings;
c) Manage all current affairs;
d) Prepare the annual report of self-evaluation and submit it to be assessed by the course committee;
e)Perform all other tasks and responsibilities within the scope of SIGAQ-UM and in accordance with the terms of the Quality Manual;
f) Exercise all tasks delegated by the course committee or by the Pedagogical Council