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    Course Director

    Cidália Silva
    t 253​ 510 500​

    Course Committee

    Cidália Maria Ferreira da Silva (Diretora de Curso)
    André de Moura Leitão Cerejeira Fontes
    Bruno Acácio Ferreira Figueiredo
    Eduardo Jorge Cabral Santos Fernandes
    João Paulo Cabeleira Marques Coelho


    ​​MIARQ Secretariat​
    Lucinda Oliveira​
    ​t 253 510 500​


The Course Director must:
a) Represent the course committee
b) Coordinate day-to-day work and chair meetings;
c) Manage all current affairs;
d) Prepare the annual report of self-evaluation and submit it to be assessed by the course committee;
e) Perform all other tasks and responsibilities within the scope of SIGAQ-UM and in accordance with the terms of the Quality Manual
f) Exercise all tasks delegated by the course committee or by the Pedagogical Council.