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    Course Director

    Ivo Pereira Oliveira
    t 253​ 510 507​

    Course Committee

    Professor Doutor Ivo Pereira Oliveira (Course Diretor)
    Professor Doutor Francisco Manuel Gomes Costa Ferreira
    Professora Doutora Maria Manuel Lobo Pinto de Oliveira
    Professor Doutor Nuno Maria Pinto Cruz Sampaio Castro
    Professor Doutor Pedro Jorge Monteiro Bandeira
    Vitoria d'Almeida (repres. estudantes)
    Rodrigo Chiesse (repres. estudantes)
    Francisca Machado (repres. estudantes)
    Maria da Conceição Santos (repres. estudantes)
    Bruno Pereira repres. estudantes)

    ​​MIARQ Secretariat​
    Lucinda Oliveira​
    ​t 253 510 500​


The Course Director must:
a) Ensure the day-to-day management of the study cycle; 
b) Promote the coordination between the curricular units, seminars and other activities;
c) Monitor the development of the study cycle, propose initiatives to improve the syllabus, the list of curricular units or the curricular structure;
d) Encourage complementary and exchange activities with field related education programs;
e) Pronounce on the report of self-evaluation and submit it to be approved by the Pedagogical Council; 
f) Select the candidates to be admitted, when applicable;
g) Propose to the Scientific Council, in accordance with the regulation, the nomination of the dissertation supervisors, the project work, the internships and their reports​; 
h) Consider the work plans mentioned in the previous paragraph; 
i) Propose to the Scientific Council the arrangement of juries for the academic master's degree and project work or reports mentioned in letter g);
j) Exercise all the other tasks assigned by the regulations or delegated by the Pedagogical Council.​