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Áreas: Visual Arts 
Duration: 8 weeks (24 hours)
ScheduleWednesdays (timetable to be defined)
PlaceGaragem Avenida (Guimarães)
Valor das propinas: 100€
Faculty: Najla Leroy e Evandro Renan
Applications: 26 October to 9 November through the form 
Registration: 10 to 15 November (fee: €26.00)
Course: 16 November 2022 to 25 January 2023

About the course

This course aims to awaken the participant's creative autonomy to develop an authorial work and the construction of his/her own artistic profile. Starting with basic exercises on the various techniques in watercolour, the final result will be a didactic portfolio on the techniques that were presented and applied in exercises during the course by the participants. 


• Know and differentiate the different types of material and utensils used for watercolour painting.

• Acquire practical knowledge about traditional and alternative watercolour techniques.

• Develop methods of conception and execution of works in watercolour.

Learning outcomes  

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

- Identify the different types of paper, brushes, pigments and their characteristics.

- Acquire a visual repertoire in watercolour on classic and contemporary artists.

- Recognize the different stages of paper wetness.

- Know the intensity and saturation of the pigments.

- Acquire a theoretical/practical understanding of watercolour painting techniques.

- Know and use different types of materials to create effects and textures.

- Develop a didactic portfolio about fundamental watercolour techniques and materials.


General public, beginners interested in learning the basic techniques in watercolour, with basic knowledge of drawing, over 14 years of age.