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    Instructions to submit the master thesis

    We would like to call your attention to the fact that UMinho has recently changed the procedures for submitting the masters' Public Defense Request. The process is now organized as shown below and with the deadlines indicated below:


    1st Delivery of Master's exams - June 17th

    The submission request must be uploaded on the Academic Portal> Electronic Secretariat> Public Defense Request, joining the following elements:

    a) One (1) digital copy of the dissertation or project work;

    b) One (1) copy of the curriculum vitae, in digital format;

    c) Opinion (s) of the advisor (s), in digital format;

    d) Declaration regarding the deposit of the dissertation in RepositóriUM, in digital format - "T&D RepositóriUM Declaration"


    2nd Delivery of printed copies 

    The delivery of three (3) printed copies of the dissertation or project work must take place until June 26, 2020 at the secretariat of the respective course.

    It is imperative that the printed document fully matches the digital document previously submitted in the academic portal. Failure to comply with this obligation may result in the annulment of the entire submission process.


    3rd After defending the master's exams

    Within a maximum period of 10 days, the student must deliver the final version of the test, including if any, the corrections suggested by the jury, proceeding to the delivery, at the UOEI CP, of the following documents:

    a) One (1) paper copy of the dissertation or project work, corrected;

    b) One (1) copy, in digital format, of the dissertation or project work, corrected;

    c) Updated statement regarding the deposit at RepositóriUM;

    d) Declaration confirming the correction requested by the jury, signed by the supervisor who verified them


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