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Brochure - edition 2023/2024  


Applications are submitted through the Academic Services portal at​

Application deadlines ​

1st phase: May 23 to June 1 2023
Opening only for the international contingent - 8 vacancies;

The remaining vacancies of the international contingent may be immediately transferred to the national contingent
2nd phase: July 03 to July 10 2023 (vacancies left from the international contingent)
- national contingent – 17 vacancies
3rd phase: September 05 to September 08 2023 (vacancies left)
- national contingent - places left from 2nd phase


Results Dissemination

1st phase: June 16 2023
2nd phase: July 27 2023
3rd phase: September 15 2023
Registration and Enrollment Deadlines​

1st phase: from 21 to 27 June 2023
2nd phase: from 02 to 07 August 2023
3rd phase: from 20 to 22 September 2023

List of documents to be submitted

a) copy of Certificate of education degrees;

b) detailed curriculum vitae;

c) Portfolio *

d) Cover letter

e) other elements considered relevant by the candidates in the evaluation of the application. 

*Portfolio submission is mandatory through a one-page document containing the address/link where the portfolio is deposited. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that the address/link remains active and accessible during the application evaluation period.

Candidates will be evaluated by the selection committee according to the following elements:

a) Classification of the degree or other degrees already obtained by the candidate;

b) Assessment of the academic, scientific and technical curriculum and portfolio;

c) Professional experience;

d) English profficiency.

An interview may be requested.